Conor Rooney

Conor Rooney uses a unique technique to capture something that to most people means nothing more than a momentary nuisance: errors in digital video playback. Instead of skipping forward, Conor conserves the ephemeral fragments of creation that emerge as the playback software tries to interpret the corrupted data in layered paintings covered with epoxy resin.  The results are like windows into a digital dream world. These photos show him starting a new painting from scratch and I will follow his process as the painting develops in three dimensions with each added layer. I’ve been interested in these kind of shapes that appear when there […]

Claire Louise Correia – Akin Collective

  I had a great time photographing Claire Correia at work on one individual glass elements for one of her beautiful, intricate sculptures reflecting the ocean of energy in which she is convinced we are immersed: I believe that the Earth is an organism afloat in an ocean of energy, which flows into things as they become alive, out of things as they die, and moves in tides with the moon just like water.  As part of the larger planetary ecosystem, this body must be teeming with a huge variety of creatures, living their lives entirely unaffected by the three-dimensional world even […]

Bogdan Luca – Akin Collective [Part 2]

The second time I met the painter Bogdan Luca [this is Part one] I was in much better shape than the first time, yet the intriguing effect of his paintings was almost the same. These photos capture him putting the finishing touches one his latest painting. I think we understand the world in a fragmentary way: little revelatory moments, physical or psychological experiences, knowledge in the form of images. It’s chaos really but we each have to put these bits together into some kind of overall picture that works for us on an individual level. Then we can have arguments when […]

Bogdan Luca – Akin Collective

I photographed Bogdan on Sunday, somewhat hungover, and he explained to me how his paintings are meant to reflect the fragmented way in which we perceive and recreate a subjective version of reality in our minds, aiming to unsettle the viewer–the way in which this impacted on my hazy mind is probably a great testament to his talent. Suffice to say, documenting his work process was fascinating. This is how he describes the motivation: I think we understand the world in a fragmentary way: little revelatory moments, physical or psychological experiences, knowledge in the form of images. It’s chaos really but we each […]

Chris Harms – Akin Collective [Part 2]

This is the second part of my portrait of Chris Harms of the Akin Collective, working on and finishing one of his larger-scale plexiglass sculptures. The previous post has more details about his work and his intentions. Chris has just been invited to show his work in a solo show at Project Gallery this November. His website:          

Chris Harms – Akin Collective

Today I had the chance to photograph Chris Harms and his intriguing sculptures as the start of a new project about the Akin Collective in Toronto. The idea is to follow its members through the artistic process as they create their work and capture a snapshot of the community that has formed in its shared studios. Chris currently works on plexiglass sculptures with a lot of jagged lines and geometric patterns that are full of dynamism and color. In his own words, this is what they represent: “I was inspired to make this series of representational excavator buckets from the constant construction boom […]

Drypnz from WLG to HH

  Randomly, Jon Drypnz, who I photographed in New Zealand more than five years ago for my book project turned out to be in Hamburg exactly the same time when I got back. A lucky coincidence, since I got to photograph him working on one of his intriguing murals for a collaborative project with the Millerntor Gallery at the iconic Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg. Later, I documented Jon and Fernando (a visual artists) working on a video project for the Flaschenkino.