Sacha Mlynek – Akin Collective

Sacha is different from the other Akin artists I have photographed because she is in a state of limbo. Still, she was brave enough to share this part of life as an artist that is rarely talked about: I haven’t produced anything formal in years. I’m basically on an artist-on-pause.” No one really warns you for it or talks about it; this deafening part of the artist life-cycle where you’re not quite an artist and even quite possibly, ugh, a hobbyist. What happens when you aren’t the art-star and you aren’t the super ambitious self-promoter? Making images has always worked the […]

Conor Rooney – Akin Collective [Part 2]

  In these pictures, Conor is applying a second layer of paint on the three-dimensional painting he started in the first part of my portrait. It will be fascinating to see the final artwork slowly emerge out of the layering process. The patience that he musters in order to do this continues to amaze me. I’ve been interested in these kind of shapes that appear when there is data missing in video, in normal context they are errors but when searched for they become something else. I partially download movies through pirate torrents, searching the files for instances of these effects. […]

Claire Louise Correia – Akin Collective [Part 2]

It is easy to become mesmerized by the flames and molten glass when photographing Claire Correia, but that is only what is visible at the surface as she transforms her ideas into physical reality. This is why the second time I met her, I focused on the artist behind the flames. Claire is a visual artist who works with a wide range of materials and techniques. She explains the motivation behind her current project as follows: I believe that the Earth is an organism afloat in an ocean of energy, which flows into things as they become alive, out of things as they […]