Chris Harms – Akin Collective [Part 2]

This is the second part of my portrait of Chris Harms of the Akin Collective, working on and finishing one of his larger-scale plexiglass sculptures. The previous post has more details about his work and his intentions.

Chris has just been invited to show his work in a solo show at Project Gallery this November.

His website:


_DSF0989  _DSF0995 _DSF1001 _DSF1003 _DSF1008 _DSF1022 _DSF1025 _DSF1031 _DSF1036 _DSF1053 _DSF1058 _DSF1077 _DSF1086 _DSF1096 _DSF1098 _DSF1100 _DSF1103 _DSF1106  _DSF1132  

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