Chris Harms – Akin Collective

Today I had the chance to photograph Chris Harms and his intriguing sculptures as the start of a new project about the Akin Collective in Toronto. The idea is to follow its members through the artistic process as they create their work and capture a snapshot of the community that has formed in its shared studios.

Chris currently works on plexiglass sculptures with a lot of jagged lines and geometric patterns that are full of dynamism and color. In his own words, this is what they represent:

“I was inspired to make this series of representational excavator buckets from the constant construction boom around my home and the city. The bright coloured plexiglass pieces, set in layers, allow the space and light between to become the third dimension. These constructs are meant to be like a scoop of coloured light dug from the imagination.”

From Aug 9, the sculptures will be on display at the Drake Hotel.



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