Bogdan Luca – Akin Collective

I photographed Bogdan on Sunday, somewhat hungover, and he explained to me how his paintings are meant to reflect the fragmented way in which we perceive and recreate a subjective version of reality in our minds, aiming to unsettle the viewer–the way in which this impacted on my hazy mind is probably a great testament to his talent. Suffice to say, documenting his work process was fascinating. This is how he describes the motivation:

I think we understand the world in a fragmentary way: little revelatory moments, physical or psychological experiences, knowledge in the form of images. It’s chaos really but we each have to put these bits together into some kind of overall picture that works for us on an individual level. Then we can have arguments when our overall pictures do not agree with each other. I want to make paintings about this. New images that cannot quite be resolved but which remind us that the boundaries between imagination, waking life and dreaming are blurry.

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