Conor Rooney – Akin Collective [Part 2]


In these pictures, Conor is applying a second layer of paint on the three-dimensional painting he started in the first part of my portrait. It will be fascinating to see the final artwork slowly emerge out of the layering process. The patience that he musters in order to do this continues to amaze me.

I’ve been interested in these kind of shapes that appear when there is data missing in video, in normal context they are errors but when searched for they become something else. I partially download movies through pirate torrents, searching the files for instances of these effects. My work extrapolates these instances, trying to make them tangible and unique. Transforming the error into the non digital world changes it, makes it correct somehow. The paintings created are consecutive layers of resin followed by oil paint, the image builds up over time to create three dimensional form. I like the contrast between the pristine of the resin and the subject matter.
-Conor Rooney

_DSF4400 _DSF4423 _DSF4488 _DSF4442 _DSF4500 _DSF4464 _DSF4420 _DSF4452 _DSF4506

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