Monthly Archives: July 2015

Chris Harms – Akin Collective

Today I had the chance to photograph Chris Harms and his intriguing sculptures as the start of a new project about the Akin Collective in Toronto. The idea is to follow its members through the artistic process as they create their work and capture a snapshot of the community that has formed in its shared studios. Chris currently works on plexiglass sculptures with a lot of jagged lines and geometric patterns that are full of dynamism and color. In his own words, this is what they represent: “I was inspired to make this series of representational excavator buckets from the constant construction boom […]

Drypnz from WLG to HH

  Randomly, Jon Drypnz, who I photographed in New Zealand more than five years ago for my book project turned out to be in Hamburg exactly the same time when I got back. A lucky coincidence, since I got to photograph him working on one of his intriguing murals for a collaborative project with the Millerntor Gallery at the iconic Millerntor Stadium in Hamburg. Later, I documented Jon and Fernando (a visual artists) working on a video project for the Flaschenkino.