Monthly Archives: August 2015

Bogdan Luca – Akin Collective

I photographed Bogdan on Sunday, somewhat hungover, and he explained to me how his paintings are meant to reflect the fragmented way in which we perceive and recreate a subjective version of reality in our minds, aiming to unsettle the viewer–the way in which this impacted on my hazy mind is probably a great testament to his talent. Suffice to say, documenting his work process was fascinating. This is how he describes the motivation: I think we understand the world in a fragmentary way: little revelatory moments, physical or psychological experiences, knowledge in the form of images. It’s chaos really but we each […]

Chris Harms – Akin Collective [Part 2]

This is the second part of my portrait of Chris Harms of the Akin Collective, working on and finishing one of his larger-scale plexiglass sculptures. The previous post has more details about his work and his intentions. Chris has just been invited to show his work in a solo show at Project Gallery this November. His website: